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Table of Contents

  1. What are your Minimum Order Requirements ... ?
  2. What Payment Types do you offer COD,  Do you offer Credit ... ?
  3. How are Shipping Charges Calculated ... ?
  4. Are the Wholesale Prices listed Fixed, or do you offer discounts  ... ?
  5. Do you offer Drop Shipping for my Online Store ... ?
  6. Do you offer different shipping options for dropship orders such as UPS or Fed Ex?

If you do not see your question or answer here, please contact us and visit our customer service area for further information & assistance.

What are your Minimum Order Requirements ... ?

[Compared to other distributors, We have  very flexible minimum order requirements.
We Require a Minimum Purchase amount of $100.00.   We have minimum order quantities on all of the items in our inventory. Typically this is at least 2 of a particular item, but varies from item to item.  Quantities ordered less then the minimum are charged an additional 10% surcharge on that item. Items also have a quantity discount. Quantities for Items that meet the Quantity Discount amount will receive an additional markdown.; Please Note there are no minimum requirements for Drop Shipping, and the $100.00 minimum purchase amount does not apply for drop shipments.]

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What Payment types do you offer, COD, Check, Charge, Credit ... ?

[Retailers can pay by Visa, Mastercard, or create a purchase order and pay by Check or Money Order to be mailed in (select Email Bill when completing order)  Im Sorry, we do not do C.O.D shipments at this time.  If you would like to establish a credit account with us, please fill out our credit application and fax it to us. We will review your information, perform a credit check,  and contact you. Payment is due Net 10 Days upon invoice. You must establish a business relationship by purchasing from us for 1 month before we will consider a credit approval.  International Orders require mailing in Check or Money Order. All prices listed are in US Dollars. ]

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How are Shipping Charges calculated ... ?

[When you place an order through our online system. You will see a Shipping Estimate. Please review our shipping policy for further details on shipping rates and charges..]

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Are the Wholesale Prices listed on the site Fixed, or do you offer additional discounts ... ?

[ Yes, we do offer additional discounts to retailers! All items have a quantity discount. When you order 12 or more of an item you are getting an instant discount of 5% off that item. Additional discounts are available to retailers depending on the type of quantities you intend to purchase. The more you purchase the larger discount we can offer. We currently do offer additional discounts for orders over $5,000.00US. Discounts are on a per customer per order basis. Please contact us and we'll be happy to discuss more about opportunities to leverage your purchasing power. Please contact us and we'd be happy to discuss more opportunities to leverage your purchasing power.]

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Do you offer Drop Shipping ... ?

[Yes! We have developed a new drop shipment program for our customers. To inquire and apply about drop shipping services please visit the following: drop shipment access application.]

If your using our dropship program to ship shoes to your customers keep in mind that our west coast warehouse will only ship UPS to US addresses only. Therefore in order for us to dropship shoes out of the US that are not in stock in our NY warehouse they must be shipped from California to our NY warehouse then they wi ll ship either Fed EX or USPS out of the US. You will be responsible for all shi pping costs. We seriously discourage dropshipping shoes out of the US altogether ! We are sorry for any inconvenience.

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Do you offer different shipping options for dropship orders such as UPS or Fed Ex ... ?

[Yes! Dropship orders ship USPS because it's the quickest and least expensive. If you want us to ship via UPS we can do so, just keep in mind the additional charges you'll be responsible for. We do not ship Fed Ex. Also keep in mind that you can provide 3 day, 2 day and overnight but you still have to allow adequate processing time. Once an order is on the scale we'll ship it any method you like. Just specify in the order notes when checking out.

For shipping estimates goto www.usps.com and www.ups.com and use their rate calculators. Input the origin zip code of 12601.

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